The Elite Club seeks to encourage noble ladies and gentlemen of savoir-vivre into chivalric behavior and, with an increased understanding of their role as global ambassadors of honor.

Through its range of charitable programs and events by its international network of members and honorary representatives, the Elite Club's remit is to work towards a reinforcement of growth and resilience through dedication and deeds.

The Elite Club World is not tied to one location but regularly holds meetings, events, lunches, receptions, charity fundraising events, both daytime and at evenings in some of the most prestigious venues in Europe, in castles or Luxury Hotels.

At every event there is always an opportunity to raise money for good causes and charity. This is the fundamental purpose of the Elite Club.
100% of funds which are raised for charity and good causes go to charities and good causes.

The Elite Club World is very much an event club attending most High Society happenings. The Elite Club is essentially, apart from the charitable events, very often present at exclusive sports and cultural events.

Members enjoy a range of benefits including invitations to special events, discounts, and offers, through carefully selected partner organizations, which they access via their unique Membership Card.

The Membership of the Elite Club gives you the opportunity for mingling for business or social reasons with potential business partners, celebrities, politicians, nobility, and even royalty.

Meetings and Events

  • Invitations to selected meetings, lectures and conferences that allow members to keep abreast of key issues in current affairs and business
  • Regular business and social networking events and fundraising events for charity.
  • A social calendar of popular music, sporting and other organized events.

Past Major Events

Event – Charity Concert – June 16th, 2012 – Wiesbaden

The Elite Club collaborated with the Order of St. Stanislas to organize a great event on Saturday 16th of June in Wiesbaden.

The charity concert has lived up to its purpose: The PARAMUSIX project is a social project of the German St. Stanislas Order to provide a humanitarian contribution for selected charitable institutions. The proceeds from this benefit concert 2012 went to the "Bärenherz" Foundation in Wiesbaden, a hospice for seriously ill children. This financial contribution brought great joy to all with beautiful music which speaks clearer than words. This spectacular day will remain remembered by many, as the proven mix of spirituality, festive atmosphere and climax constituted the inner and outer success of our Investiture of new Knights on this day.

Event – Berlin Fashion Show – July 4th, 2013

For those with a love of Mode Fashion from the brilliance, design, business, or romance side, this is a showcase event, which is always known for bringing out the best there is. We had been offered a private show, V.I.P. Dinners, and could enjoy private meetings behind the scenes with the top designers and buyers.

The 'Renatta Pruneda Fashion Show' with their Collection "Imperium Napoleon" was sure to inspire everybody, as the place to find out the latest trends, source of new and exciting products, a place to network and to attend the industry's representative.

Event – Charity Dinner – August 9th, 2013 – Brussels

The Elite Club held a great event on Saturday the 9th of August. There was a strong turnout of members, who thoroughly enjoyed the fine dining, and good company.

There was much excitement about the growth of The Elite Club and the ways in which technology is supporting the executive Organizers, in making a wider impact from their good work.

Event - Charity Concert - November 22th, 2013 - Palma de Mallorca

At the Hotel St. Regis Mardavall on the Costa d'en Blanes on November, 22nd 2013, the Charity Gala concert was presented in aid of the 'Phytokids' Foundation.

This luxury hotel stood guarantee for perfect, stylish surroundings and hosted a cultural experience of a special kind. The guest star, celebrity soprano Anna Maria Kaufmann and keyboard virtuoso Daniel von Lison shaped the musical evening.

Besides Mrs. Kaufmann who had organized the evening's musical entertainment, other celebrity board members, Natalia Klitschko and Felix Magath, also Daniel von Lison, were showing their support for the event whose proceeds will benefit the Foundation 'Phytokids'.

Event - Charity Concert - March 3rd, 2014 - Bytom / Poland

The aim of the event was to support the recovery and safeguarding health of lonely, sick, and disadvantaged children and to offer assistance in the Silesian coal mining metropolis Beuten and in the surrounding mining sites. This was a special concert and a cultural experience of the first order, which will still linger long.

Event - Charity Concert - July 26th, 2014 - Palma de Mallorca

With this rousing concert program of the completely enthusiastic audience responded with "Standing Ovation". Daniel von Lison offered Chopin Piano Art in all variations and nuances and took the extremely attentive audience on an epic journey into the musical thoughts and feelings of the great composer. The audience has the pleasure to be able to experience a first-class live spectacle with. Star Soprano Anna Maria Kaufmann, close and live in Palma, was accompanied by Daniel v. Lison.

The 5th PARAMUSIX Charity Concert on December 6, 2014, in Wiesbaden.

The Elite Club, together with the Order of St. Stanislas, has jointly organized a major charity event under the theme "Fashion meets Musix" on Saturday, December 6th in Wiesbaden. The charity gala has served its purpose: The PARAMUSIX project is a social project of the German Grand Priory of the Order of St. Stanislas with the purpose to offer a donation for a selected charity organism. The net proceeds from the Charity Gala 2014 in the amount of 7,000 euros go this time to the ‘Phytokids' Foundation. The highlights of the event were next to the musical star Anna Maria Kaufmann and the great violinist Michael Makarov the fashion show with haute couture dresses, designer jewelry and fine accessories like the raffle in which a prize was offered worth of 1,500 euros. This spectacular evening will be remembered as a well-proven blend of spirituality, culture, lifestyle and festive atmosphere which was the highlight of The Phytokids Foundation is financing a project since January 2015 in Neumarkt, Germany. Our help gets 40 kids daily a freshly cooked lunch, prepared with regional products.
Goal: give children access to healthy food.
Total cost: 7.200 €
Overall, the Foundation has invested in projects for children since its founding in 2007, € 1.5 million. 27 projects were realized so far.
the inner and outer success of our Investiture of new Knights and Dames in the Order on the same day.

Event - Charity Concert - March 7th, 2015 - Bytom / Poland

It was a special concert and a cultural experience in Bytom / Poland as part of the International Women's Day and for the benefit of the Women's Breast Cancer Aid Foundation. Before the concert, an information forum on cancer aid was held, where various doctors and cancer specialists answered personal questions of those affected by cancers and their families about the current state of medicine and science in this field. In the evening there was a very entertaining concert program with famous opera artists such as Dorota Laskowiecka, an opera singer from Kraków, the tenor of the Wiesbaden Opera, Giorgio Martin and the great star violinist Michael Makarov, under the direction of the keyboard virtuoso Daniel von Lison. The well-known television presenter Adam Giza led through the evening.

Event - Charity Concert - April  28th, 2018 - Gliwice / Poland

Gliwice/Gleiwitz in Silesia, Poland.
Here was another Elite Club project abroad. Human health and the environment were the topic of the meeting on April 28, 2018 in Gliwice. Meetings of citizens of Silesia were held under the motto of a healthy environment. The main goal of the Silesian residents was the slogan "A healthy environment guarantees human health". Social assistance was also a topic of discussion. Help for people in times of crisis. The meeting was remarkably interesting, with a large number of residents of Gliwice and the Silesian region taking part. The evening concert was the cultural highlight of this meeting. As in previous years and this time, the members of our club took part personally. The Elite Club cooperates with charity organizations in Silesia all year round and supports many significant social projects.

The Meeting of Elite Club Monaco on February 17th, 2018 in Hotel Hermitage, Monte Carlo.

Gliwice/Gleiwitz in Silesia, Poland.
Protocol of the meeting of Elite Club Monaco in Monte Carlo. Friday, February 17th, 2018 in Hotel Hermitage. The agenda. 1. Opening, welcome and formalities, 2. Report of the board on the status of preparations for the investiture in the Order of St. Stanislas the following day, 3. Gala Ball of the Elite Club on the evening of the investiture in the Hotel de Paris, 4. Report of the board about the current situation in the Elite Club and projections for the future, 5. Change of the name of the Elite Club, 6. Circle of Friends of the Order.

CHARITY GALA on 19 February 2018 at Monte-Carlo/Monaco

The festive afternoon with the members of the ELITE CLUB and the top-class guests from many European countries was worthwhile to remind us once again of the ideals of our Order and the realization of its ambitions.

The Gala Dinner with a delicious meal and excellent wines in the famous ‘Cafe de Paris’ in Monte-Carlo will remain for all participants as an outstanding cultural and social event. The musical evening announced itself with touches of classical music, entertainment music, and pop music, a host of high-profile artists under the musical direction of the organist Daniel von Lison with his 3-manual keyboard instrument of which he can elicit amazing sounds. It was a real pleasure, which concerns hearing and sight. The well-known artists and Anna Schenk, an outstanding Pop singer vocal artist who has both offered their skills in the service of the good cause, we're very motivated and firmly committed to delight the audience with their presentations. This spectacular day will remain remembered by many, as the proven mix of spirituality, festive atmosphere, and a climax which constituted the inner and outer success of our ELITE CLUB.

ELITE CLUB MEETING on 25 October 2019 at Monte-Carlo/Monaco

Warmly welcomed by the President of the Elite Club, a yearly meeting was held on 25th October 2019 in Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo, bringing together members and new members of the Club. After presenting themselves, it was suggested to enhance the communications between members directly to promote interpersonal contacts for the advantage of all. He recalled the values of The Elite Club and invited to participate actively in order to contribute to the radiance of the organization and help realize its humanitarian projects.

Through maintaining a prestigious network of members that counts some world-renowned public figures, representatives of multinationals, and top-fight businessmen, the Elite Club wants to offer its members the opportunity to generate an international meeting place and a business forum.

CHARITY GALA on 26 October 2019 at Monte-Carlo/Monaco

The festive evening with members of the ELITE CLUB and guests of honor from many European countries was well suited to recall once again the idea of our ELITE CLUB and the realization of its ambitions: President Thaddäus Freiherr von Lison pointed out the moral obligation of humanitarian aid and recalled the convincing activities of the ELITE CLUB in former times. The festive aspect of the yearly meeting was not forgotten either. Beautiful ladies and well-behaved gentlemen have enjoyed the festive dinner, degusted the wines, danced, and had a lot of joy at this beautiful day in this wonderful place. Masterful 'Performances' by high-grade artists have contributed to this. All guests had fun till Midnight as is should be the custom at such a festive day.

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Update to 2020 Events Schedule

To our members.

 As we write these lines, the world faces an unprecedented situation. We are in our thoughts with all those who are affected by the new coronavirus (COVID-19), personally or in their family or circle of friends. Everyday life is very restricted for many of us all over the world, so we wanted to take the time to send this message to you as an important member of our Order community. We hope that you and your whole family are doing well. We are convinced that in times of uncertainty like this it is more important than ever to act in the best interests of our members. We do everything we can to continue to offer you the services of the information that you are used to receive from us. You can also contact us anytime, anywhere, to ask us any possible questions or to keep in touch with our global community. We wholeheartedly wish you good health and all the strength for the coming weeks to get through this difficult phase as best as possible. Please follow us for more updates.

Best Regards,

Thaddäus Baron von Lison,

President of the Elite Club World